For your final project, you will create a hybrid essay using a combination of unique material (your own writing) and found material (content from each of our essays from this class as well as books, movies, and other material from your own life).

The final product you create should be a 3-4 page essay that weaves together a collage of different ideas (pulled from the materials outline above) in a creative way. Your essay should be formatted according to MLA standards, but you are welcome to structure your work as you see fit.

Your directions are as follows:

Create a new document and apply the MLA style header and heading to your page. Adjust your font size and spacing accordingly.
Select two of the personal essays we read for this class. Locate one sentence from each essay; type them out in your new document (use individual lines — do not make the sentences consecutive).
(To speak is to blunder by Yiyun Li) (Emmanuel Bergman Personal essay)
Choose one book from your own collection. Pick a sentence from the book (it could be the first, last, or the second sentence of the fifth paragraph on page 57). Type that sentence out in your new document (add it to a new line).
( To Kill A Mockingbird)
Choose one song that is important to you. Pick a meaningful line from the song and add that to your document (as a new line).
(MockingBird Eminem)
Choose one movie that is important to you. Select a line from the back of the DVD case, from the film’s description on IMDB, or from a review of the film itself. Add this to a new line in your document
( Pirates of the Caribbean)
Choose a line from one of the essays you wrote for this class. Add that line to your document.
(see attachment)

Each of the lines you selected using the directions above will stand as the first sentence for each body paragraph you write. You do not have to keep them organized as they are above — feel free to move things around so that they make sense to you, but know that the challenge here is to create something cohesive out of seemingly discordant material.

Your job is to create connective tissue between each line you have selected. You may do this creatively, by writing a story, a prose piece, or an imagined letter. You may do this critically, by finding some essential theme and connecting the sources you’ve used to that theme.

The purpose of this project is to encourage you to find ways of connecting to little artifacts of pop culture. You should have fun with this project and try to make something interesting.