Hypotheses- quantitative analysis

Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Hypotheses- Quantitative Analysis.Healthcare is a discipline that is intensely driven by data that contain health information of a particular patient. However, in order to improve the health outcomes of a patient, hypothesis is applied as a method of statistical inference. Data is analyzed by physicians and then undergoes through cognitive processes such as the hypothetico-deductive approach. This approach involves various diagnostic reasoning where the medical experts first generate diagnostic hypotheses. They then make some data collection in order to refute or confirm their hypotheses. In addition, physicians may use a backward or forward reasoning. However, the backward reasoning, which involves working backward from the hypothesis, is different from forward reasoning. This is because medical experts depend on a wide set of heuristics to analyze the available data and make sound decisions (Heathfield, 1998).In the field of health information technology, hypothesis is used to obtain rational solutions through a statistical testing procedure. The procedure may involve the use of specialized statistical software and computers that consist of extensive help guides (Heathfield, 1998). However, in the testing procedure there is formulation of a statistical hypothesis. In addition, a sample data is used to determine the validity of the statistical hypothesis being formulated.In conclusion, hypothesis is a crucial statistical method of interpreting certain phenomena or events and giving guidance in making further investigations. Healthcare institutions widely use hypothesis in improving the health outcomes of their patients. In most cases, the physicians use the hypothetico-deductive approach during the diagnostic reasoning and use the collected data to either confirm or refute their

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