Hypotheses with a plausible definition of p or µ

Explain (i) the hypotheses with a plausible definition of p or µ, (ii) whether or not the data indicate practical significance (use common sense and/or general knowledge), and (iii) whether or not the data indicate statistical significance.1. In a large county in Louisiana, 26% of registered voters are Black. Black leaders in the county are concerned that these numbers are not reflected adequately in the jury selection process used in the county. As evidence, they point out that last week only 18% of those selected for jury duty in the county were Black. The corresponding p-value for the Z-test was 0.12. 2. With the standard chemotherapy treatment, the 5-year survival rate for cancer of the blood is 19%. A new drug has been developed that will, it is anticipated, increase the 5-year survival rate for this type of cancer when used in conjunction with the standard chemotherapy. In a large-scale clinical trial, 19.3% of patients with cancer of the blood who were treated with the new drug (and the chemotherapy) survived beyond 5 years. The p-value for the one-sample Z-test was reported as 0.19.3. With the standard treatment for incurable abdominal cancer the mean survival time is 46.6 months from the date of diagnosis. A new experimental treatment that it is hoped will increase the average survival time was tested on 280 patients. The average survival time in the trial was 47.1 months. The corresponding p-value was 0.183.

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