Ideal Customer

This assignment is to be done for a discussion board format: ”It’s critical to understand all the factors that make a customer a good candidate to buy your product, first take a look at this product, the new IPHONE X cost $1,000”

1. Now ,try to figure out who the IDEAL customer is for this product. Assess as many different factors as you can think of. Who are they? You can evaluate all of the following Race, Gender, Education Level, and Income Level. Where do they live Urban vs Rural. What motivates them? How many kids do they have? Figure out the perfect customer and tell me why there above factors might influence them to buy the IPhone Xs. 2 to 3 Sentences

2. Next, come up with a brief marketing pitch 2 to 3 sentences trying to persuade the target customer this phone is the perfect for him or her. Then, discuss Why you think this marketing message is the correct message for your specified target market in the above bullet.

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