Ideals and beliefs

Must be a minimum of 10 lines per discussion. Please include a reference in your response using APA format and cite the reference in the text.1-  As a young adult, I began my employment career with the belief that I would be able to take the ideals and beliefs I’ve learned at home into the workspace and eventually become successful. Thankfully for me, I was able to apply the things I learned in my adolescent years and apply it to my work habits in order to make me a better employee. One of the things I pride myself in is being accepting and understanding to the people around you. As many of us know, many jobs require you to be around, work with, and interact with other people who may or may not be directly working with you. Due to this, I personally believe this is one of the most important skills that I have and someone can have in order to succeed as an employee. In addition, some of the ethical beliefs that I hold near and dear to me are honesty, showing respect to everyone, and appreciating the differences between people. While progressing throughout my employment life, I’ve made it a point to take these ethics along with me in hopes of portraying the best version of me. Unfortunately, our country as a whole has a difficult time in accepting or adjusting to the growing diversity that has positively impacted our job market. While this is a growing issue, I do believe that my morals and ethics have allowed me to collaborate and excel with people from different backgrounds which has helped me become a greater employee. In comparison to the average results from the survey taken, I scored higher than the average in all three categories (interpersonal, initiative, dependability) which I found to be interesting. After comparing my results, I noticed that the averages were considerably lower which gave me the impression that I might be doing something wrong. For me, working hard and being proactive in the workplace is a concrete idea that was learned even before I got my first job. Regardless of the situation, my established ethical beliefs coincide with my actions as a person, and the actions as an employee today.2- Personal identity plays a huge role in differentiating oneself from other individuals as a result life is often a journey of experimental learning. I often take all situation that happens positively, and this has continued to empower me and assists me in scrutinizing, realizing, understanding and correcting my mistakes to reflect my true nature. My decisions and choices are often consistent with integrity and respect towards others. We are all equal no matter our social status and hence I treat others with respect. In addition, integrity, empathy, love, and patience are at the center of my ethics statement as these traits shape my character behavior and temperament. I have formed by the foundation of these traits to have a heart that is passionate and ready to serve others in a constructive manner as a competent leader, partner, co-worker, and friend. One of my strongest characters is courage and I tend to face any obstacle and make each experience a learning experience. Friendship is very key to me and will keep my close connection with people I trust. Generally, I intend to continue growing myself to be even better through a mindful cultivation of my characteristics since I believe this is who I am.

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