Identify a decision-making task

Question 1 Identify a decision-making task that you would need to perform in your current career or future career, and explain how you would apply some of the knowledge you have learned in this course to succeed at performing the task in a real-world scenario. (150 words)

Question 2 Identify a skill that you learned in this course, and explain how you can apply that skill to a real-world work experience that will enable you to demonstrate success in this aspect of your career.  (150 words) Write about group think.

Question 3 Do you think that companies place enough emphasis on environmental scanning? Why, or why not? In your discussion, give an example of a company that does or does not place enough emphasis on environmental scanning. (150 words)

Question 4 In today’s economic environment, which of the five steps in the strategic planning process do you think is the most important? Give an example of an industry where this would be the most important step. Do you think that a different industry might place more emphasis on another step in the strategic planning process? Why? (150 words)

These steps are: 1-review return of investment and probability, 2- analyze performance of management and board with an alignment, 3- review the external environments and scans, 4- review internal environment and scans, and 5- select strategic factors.

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