Implementation of the carlson san approach

Create a 3 page paper that discusses implementation of the carlson san approach. The figure illustrates that with the SAN approach storage devices are connected which makes them the protection of data more efficiently than before. SAN is a devoted network that transmits I/O traffic to the server and the storage devices and hence is termed as “network behind the servers”. Moreover, the applicability of SAN would enable a strong universal connectivity within storage to assist in clustering technology to derive the best output. Also, SAN can deliver disk and tape competence in more servers. SAN eliminates any limit regarding the access of the storing data in the individual server (Walder, 2013).&nbsp.SAN central data facility was required by Carlson to enjoy a safer environment and high data protection of the data of the organization. Upholding consolidated data on a SAN central data facility is relevant as it protects data and enhances the speed for the benefit of the organization regarding the storage of the relevant data. Besides, file sharing can be done in a convenient manner with safety and without risk of security everywhere in the world. In addition, it improves the mobility and data control facility to a greater level of efficiency. The SAN central data facility is more cost-effective as it enables to store the data in several computers and it also facilitates as a backup data. Furthermore, the SAN central data is reliable and provides the scalable facility. It is also easy to access and provides quick efficient data sharing activity. On the other hand, the dispersed arrangement that it replaces leads to a time-consuming framework and also involves high maintenance. It requires high cost and is not as fast as the SAN central data facility. The risk associated with the dispersed arrangement is more as it is not fully protected.

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