Implementing a vision of learning

Write 1 page essay on the topic Implementing a Vision of learning.Speculative ideas come to existence and opposition cannot be avoided.It is common for a school to have a social responsibility to its community. Some stakeholdrers may take this as a lkeeway to satisfay their own needs. For instance, if a school gets its supplies from the neighbourhood, some peoppel who are close to the new administration may want to be favored in tenders to supply some school needs. Bitterness, opposition and resentment m,ay arise if this is not met (Green, 2009).Gaining support is not an easy task. However, Green (2009) stipulates that confidence can be earned with time by setting standards right from the beginning. Democratization of ideas and acting through professional ethics lays a foundation that gives each stakeholder a mandate that is indispensable. Development of support at all levels from teachers, parents, students and the entire community is sound in letting them know their boundaries of operation. The partnership must however be meaningful so that no group feels aggrieved by the conditions. Accountability is very important. Operating through delegated legislation and holding each individual for their actions helps create a sense of ownership of the tasks that these people are involved in. it is mostly easy to identify and correct errors. This is necessary for effective development (Whitley,

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