Importance of attachment and ramifications

Discussion Post: RADAfter reading the module resources, think about the importance of attachment and the ramifications according to attachment patterns.  According to the DSM 5, RAD is classified as a consistent pattern of inhibited, emotionally withdrawn behavior toward adult caregivers, manifested by a child who rarely or minimally seeks comfort when distressed, and a child who rarely or minimally responds to comfort when distressed. Moreover, the child exhibits social or emotional disturbance as outlined in the DSM 5.  In your post, identify and assess reactive attachment disorder and its possible causes and treatments. What specific treatment do you think seems most plausible to you and why?  ReferencesInfant-parent attachment: Definition, types, antecedents, measurement and outcomeBenoit D. (2004). Infant-parent attachment: Definition, types, antecedents, measurement and  outcome. Paediatrics & child health, 9(8), 541-545. Attachment Disorder: What We Know about the Disorder and Implications for Treatment Hanson, R. F., & Spratt, E. G. (2000). Reactive Attachment Disorder: What We Know about the  Disorder and Implications for Treatment. Child Maltreatment, 5(2), 137–145. Attachment and Attachment Disorders: Theory, Evidence and Practice, pp. 15–17Prior, V., Glaser, D., & FOCUS (Project). (2006). Understanding Attachment and Attachment  Disorders?: Theory, Evidence and Practice. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.  Retrieved from    s do not m

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