Importance of china and india

Essay on Importance of China And India On Projections of Future Energy Needs. Paper must be at least 1250 words. This report stresses that the rapid population growth, industrial growth and changing life styles may increase the energy requirements of India further than forecasted. For example, mobile phone and automobile usages in India has increased a lot in the last two decades. It is difficult to see a family without a vehicle in the urban areas now.Even in rural areas many people using motor bikes for their travelling needs. Same way mobile phones are a house hold entity now. In fact most of the people in urban areas have their own cell phones. Thus the energy requirements in India are rapidly growing because of the changing life styles or advancements in life standards.This paper makes a conclusion that China and India are the two major countries in the world at present which are developing more rapidly than any other countries in the world. The huge energy crisis in the world at present is because of the immense developments in these heavily populated countries. The GDP growths of these two countries are one among the top five countries in the world whereas population wise they are the number one and two. China is currently developing more solar energy equipments whereas India is more focussed on developing nuclear energy sources in order to meet their future energy requirements. In short, India and China have significant role in increasing the global energy demand and it is necessary fro them to develop renewable energy sources further.

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