Importance of islam

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Importance of islam.By gaining an understanding of the history, the students will know how Allah’s almighty law works in the lives of people.Islam is derived from an Arabic word meaning peace and teaches that in total submission to Allah, the creator, one finds peace. Muslims believe Allah is the only God and He is the only one who deserves worship hence any praise of saints or human beings is perceived as idolatry.The five pillars of Islam are prayer, fasting, testimony of faith, alms giving and pilgrimage and help to strengthen the obedience and faith of Muslims. Islam religion is a daily way of life which organizes the social, political and economic aspects of life including relations with God, families and other brethren. Islam maintains that Archangel Gabriel relayed messages to Prophet Muhammad from the year 610AD to 632AD. Muhammad is the final messenger of God and the revelation he received was called Quran. In 633AD, the first Islamic ruler, Abu Bakr commissioned the production of Quran since there was no Quran that was completely written and approved. The sacred task that Mohammad was entrusted was important and the Quran has glorified and exalting Allah. Therefore, it is crucial for students to a have knowledge of the Quran and the origin of Islam (Sonn, 2004).The legitimate basis for a person to adopt a religion should be that the claims of the religion are true. The Quran and Hadith are important because they are the legal sources of Islam. The Quran is also a book of guidance therefore it is important for the religious studies students to know and be able to prove who composed it. The Quran explains the challenges accusations and attacks of different prophets who were sent to nations. In writing the brief history of the Quran, the students will also have to explain how the seven versions of Quran came about since God expressed it in Arabic only. Another

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