Marketing job

Consider the 4 P’s and how you could use them for the most important marketing job you will ever have, marketing yourself….1. Describe each component of the the marketing mix (Each P) as it would relate to your job search. (with YOU being the Product,your Price,your Promotion and your Place etc.)

2. In addition to discussing/applying each of the 4P’s to YOU, please also specify how you will DIFFERENTIATE yourself from others searching for jobs (what makes you different and therefore better than other potential applicants),

3. ANALYZE THE RELEVANT ENVIRONMENT (Chapter 3) that you could face in your chosen career/industry and

4. Carefully describe your PERSONAL ETHICAL STATEMENT (see AMA Code) that will guide your decision making as a new employee.Be very specific. Relate your discussion to your personal job search and what employers would want to know about you.

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