Improving compliance

Your task if to review the behaviours, actions and communications of one of the companies listed below, which you will select in Module Two:AlibabaThe company you selected is currently a signatory to the United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC), or considering becoming a member. The UNGC guides companies’ social performance. Like all signatories, your company wants to identify ways of improving compliance to two of the Global Compact principles.Your task is to write a persuasive piece of internal communication addressed to your company, as a member of staff. The goal of the submission is to propose recommendations to achieve or improve compliance with two principles of the Global Compact. Make sure to look at the supply chain of the business to understand how your two principles may relate to the operations of your business. It is then your task to develop a persuasive report recommending strategies your company can adopt. The two principles you will address will be determined in your tutorial in Module Three, and will come from different areas of the Compact.In your own words, the Submission will:1. Review and present a selection of business practices and/or approaches from your company that relate to2. Discuss both the positive and negative lessons learned from these business practices and approaches.3. Develop business practice recommendations, which will improve compliance to the two principles. Theseshould be based on the review you have undertaken, and your understanding of the lessons learned.4. Discuss the benefits, challenges, and implications for key stakeholders if these recommendations areimplemented.Word Limit: At least 1500 words, with a maximum of 1800 words. This INCLUDES in-text citations, headings, sub- headings, etc. Anything in the body of your paper is included as part of the word count.

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