Income tax rate

If there are 600 units to be produced and sold, a per unit selling price of $85, an income tax rate of 28% and the following information. a. Cost of goods sold of $35 per unit b. Labor = $400/month One part-time employee will be hired to take care of packaging and shipping. This employee will be paid $10 per hour. He or she is estimated to work 40 hours total per month. c. Advertising fees = $3,000 d. Bank fees = $200 e. Phone/internet = $150 per month f. Shipping = $3 per unit g. Utilities = $100 per month h. Office Supplies = $900 i. Conference Exhibitor Fee = $3000 j. Travel Expenses for Conference (e.g. airfare, meals, taxi) = $1200What is the break even point? What is the contribution margin per unit? What is the total contribution margin

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