Write the following essay on Philosophy. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. These are called incompatibilists and are divided into two. metaphysical libertarianism and hard determinists. Metaphysical libertarianists claim that determinism does not exist and therefore free will is at least possible. On the other hand, hard determinists argue that determinist really exists and thus free will is not possible.

There are also compatibilists who hold that determinism is inevitable for free will to exist because choice is guided by preferences. Where preferences are involved, one course of action is preferred over another and in this case some senses are involved on the way the choices will be made (Goodwin 11). In this case, compatibilists have considered the debate between libertarians and hard determinists over free will and determinism as a misguided and false dilemma (Richards 142). The views presented by compatibilists, that free will exist with determinism, is consistent with my own and in this paper I show their argument and the objections presented by incompatibilists.

The first question to pose is. are we free? Is there such thing as free will or choice? Most scholars have deliberated on the issue of free will or choice and the big question has sought to answer the question as to whether we are really free (Jaworski, Chap 13). The fact that I choose to stand by compatibilists view that free will exists in this paper, and not the reverse position is already an indication that I am free to choose. Free will is that ability of an agent or agents to make choices without control of factors from within or from without. The factors that have been put on spot regarding control are many including physical, psychological, metaphysical, social, economic, and political among other possible constraints in making a free choice (Jaworski, Chap 13). In the analysis of Clark (1999: 280) .the principle of free choice is controlled by ethics, religion, science and law and the implications are viewed……

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