Each student is assigned one of the rulings in which the Supreme Court incorporated an explicit right from the federal Bill of Rights into the 14th amendment’s “due process” clause, making the right applicable to the states.

MY CASE is Hague Vs. CIO (1939)

In 5 pages:

A. Explain the concept of “selective incorporation”, and the importance of the 14th Amendment;

B. Discuss the case facts, the specific constitutional right involved in the case, and explain the precise legal issue the case presented to the Supreme Court;

C. Explain the majority ruling of the Supreme Court. Include a quotation from the ruling that addresses the incorporation of the right;

D. Summarize the dissenting opinions (if any);

E. Discuss the significance of the right, and how the incorporated right has evolved over time in subsequent Supreme Court, and/or lower court, rulings. Has the right been expanded? Restricted?

Cite all of your sources.** Use APA format.**


-google scholar

can also use the book for a further look into incorporation
Constitutional Law for a changing America, Rights, Liberties, and Justice 10th edition
by Lee Epstein, and Thomas G. Walker

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