Incremental policy-making approach

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Everyone must answer: 30 points

1) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the U.S. federal government’s incremental policy-making approach. Choose either healthcare, environment or education policy and discuss how the incremental approach to policy making has helped or hindered the policy process in this area. Be specific in giving detailed examples of the incrementalism. Then, based on readings/lecture and video what are the major debates within this policy realm. This part should be impartial reporting of issues.

Choose one: 20 points

1) Explain how scientists link climate change to energy policy. Discuss why climate change policy is considered an ethical issue by many individuals. Finally, explain two policy proposals that have been considered to reduce use of fossil fuels and the economic and political feasibility issues of each.

2) Explain some of the policy alternatives that are being considered to improve the quality of K-12 public education. Explain how a school voucher program works. How are these programs related to education quality and how do proponents believe voucher programs might improve this quality? What are the negatives associated with this option?

3) Chronicle the progression of the healthcare system in the United States. What are the major issues still plaguing the system? How has federalism helped/hindered the goals of policy makers in this area.

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