Need help with my writing homework on Influence of Mass Media in Australia Foreign Policy. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Everyone from politicians to academics now agrees that public communications systems play a vital role in society. It is through the news media in particular that citizens are able to stay informed and play an active role in the construction of their democratic world. What role does Public opinion and media play in making foreign policy in Australia is the central research question of this paper?

The media is an extremely influential factor in society. Is the media a political institution, in that it decides who gets what, when and how through formal organizations and procedures? Or is it a business? The radical theory suggests that the media generates content that garners the greatest profit1 (Ranganathan, 2002) The liberal theory of the media suggests that it is not just what interests the public, but what is in the best interest of the public.A survey conducted on 60 Australia all-party political decision-makers from both Federal and State Governments showed the great influence that mass media and public opinion exert on foreign policy decision making in Australia.

The findings reveal that Australian politicians are most influenced by public opinion and media. The use of local newspaper and politician’s local community is known to be considered as two main critical points to influence their decision-making.The role of media is reporting facts, events or news otherwise not known. Originally, the news was broadcasted on radio, always with one white, male presenter reading the entire bulletin. The use of pictures in those days was considered as descending the levels of the very much popular press.

Today, on the other hand, findings from various surveys conclude that television is the most popular news source and the one in which the majority of the public lay their trust.In terms of television media as a whole, it is the news and current affairs programs that rate so highly. They play a great role in making a public opinion and giving direction to the government for future policies.

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