Information system for managing patient records

First, students must select one of the following possible scenarios:Information system for managing patient records and healthcare dataPart 1: Product and Process OverviewPut together a detailed overview of the product being developed, along with related information such as the market, competitors, and constraints. Then, put together an overview of the process you intend to utilize to achieve this goal. Your overview should incorporate charts and statistics to support your claims. Define what you want to build in a very broad sense and why you would want to build it. Start thinking here about tasks and features that customers and users expect with this system.Put together a stakeholder overview matrix that lists all the stakeholders. Identify the stakeholders and their desires. Determine objectives, possible conflicts, and rank the importance of certain aspects (cost, functionality, etc.) to each stakeholder. You may choose a ranking system for such things as long as you define it. A matrix works best in table format listing each party involved, how much say they have, how much time they can devote, how critical they are, etc.Parameters: 2-3pgs, DS

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