Innovation on airlines travel and transportation

Essay on The Impact of Technologies Innovation on Airlines Travel and Transportation Business. Paper must be at least 500 words. s travel and transportation business has become a necessity as these organizations concentrate on getting and retaining the competitive advantage in the market.In the traditional business systems the procurement processes and the collaboration and coordination among business partners are not very strong but with the integration of innovative technologies like IT the better ways and collaboration can be obtained.And for this problem “the extranets were being gradually used for communicating with partners and to support business-to-business (B2B) relationships” (Dimitrios Buhalis, 2003). The issues of traditional procurement process, inventory management, finance (Dimitrios Buhalis, 2003) forced the organizations to adopt IT with the existing business system. In traditional approaches a very long time period is required to streamline the procurement processes but in case of electronic procurement this problem can be solved within limited time. The benefits of IT and innovative technologies are associated with procurement, product purchase, services and product delivery. Benefits associated with the information systems and ecommerce are distributed roughly and are more favorable for network leaders (Riggins and Mukhopadhyay 1994). All the industries are trying to reduce the overall expenditure of procurement processes without the awareness of innovative technologies. So there is the need to introduce the benefits of innovative technologies and its integration with the existing systems. Innovative technologies also play a vital role in reduction of costs (Alexander & Young, 1996, Domberger, 1998, Hallikainen, 2003).IT can better help in the maturity of procurement processes in a very less time. IT has deeper impact upon economy (e.g. see Choudhury et al., 1998. Crowston, 1997. Ein-Dor et al., 1997. Pereira and Tavares, 1998. Wang et al., 1996) or cost component and generating revenues for the industry. The ultimate strategic goal behind the implementation of

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