Innovative Organizations

Innovative Organizations: Ford Motors. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Winnewisser (2006) says that the world’s greatest automotive industry Ford was invented in the year of 1903. The total cash was about US$ 28,000. There were 12 investors. Some sources also say that the foundations were laid down in the presence of the Malcomson group.The Ford headquarters are in Michigan selling out their products to around 200 countries and across six continents. This helps the Ford motors to get the best of the innovation and the best of the marketing strategy that they have these days to be successful in the market.Ford motors have around 330,000 employees which include the employees that work in the official headquarters working in the management positions and the mechanics who have their expertise in the car assembling process.Umphlett (2006) says that in the case of the market share, in the year of 2002, it was 20%. It is because of the diverse markets that Ford has reached. Ford was just behind General motors having a market share of 25%. And Toyota motors were having a market share of 16%.One of the main competitive strategies that Ford has is to target many markets that are still untouched. The market research in the proper manner should be conducted so as to gain the maximum information in this case. Ford should reach out to the customers giving them the most innovative products that have attracted many customers in the past few years. The hybrid cars are one of the examples.Savitz and Weber (2006) argue that the challenges that Ford faces in the future are to increase the falling share holder value. The shareholder value up to 25% have been snatched away by the major rivalries that Ford has, it has to make sure that all the competitive strategies are properly followed. The increase in sales by attracting, more and more customers is one of the main targets that will help the Ford motors to stabilize in the future. The competition that the Ford motors face is as hard as it gets. The Ford motors have to design new strategies that help them compete in the market against the rivals.

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