Insurance companY claim

Abigail was a very active member of the PTA. She found out through Facebook that last year’s PTA President was very ill. Abigail applied for life insurance on the that women’s life and named herself as beneficiary. Because of a similarity in their names, an error was made, and the policy was issued. That same day. Abigail sold her 2012 Honda Civic to her neighbor’s 19-year-old son, Bert. When Bert drove away, Abigail’s suspicions were confirmed – Bert was an extremely reckless driver. Abigail decided not to cancel the insurance policy she had on that vehicle.  It did not take long before Bert totaled the car. And, within a month the woman who was last year’s PTA President died. Abigail filed for insurance benefits under both policies. Both insurance companies refused to pay. Abigail then filed lawsuits against both insurance companies claiming she was entitled to payment. What is the likely outcome of both cases.

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