Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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From the second e-Activity, propose at least two ways to use Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) that may be similar to or different from MyMathLab with students taking online courses in your current workplace or planned workplace. Provide a rationale for your recommendations. Provide the Website(s) and article you referenced in your discussion, using the appropriate APA style.    

From the e-Activities and the content of the textbook, discuss at least two advantages and two disadvantages of taking a class or learning module online; discuss at least two advantages and two disadvantages of taking it on ground (i.e., face-to-face). Then, define “hybrid learning” and discuss two advantages and disadvantages of “hybrid learning.” Comment on which you prefer in your current or future teaching or learning environment: online, classroom, or “hybrid.” Provide a rationale for your preference.

Week 5 e-Activity

Search the Internet for at least two effective evaluation and quality assurance methods used by K-12 systems (K-12 virtual high schools), colleges, and universities (online courses and / or corporate programs) to ensure quality e-Learning experience. For example: Badrul Khan designed a Web-based framework to help online programs in the design and development of high-quality e-Learning learning environments located at: Read Chapter 5on p. 42. Be prepared to discuss. Go to MyMathLab, located at, which is considered an effective Internet-based tool that supports students who are in need of a math refresher, drill and practice, or an e-tutor in basic and advanced math. Tour the MyMathLab, located under the menu “Tours and Training,” and then evaluate its advantages or disadvantages to students who need help in math. Be prepared to discuss.

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