Inter-professional communication

Compose a 2500 words assignment on inter-professional communication and collaboration in healthcare settings. Interdisciplinary education and practice have been linked to successful care coordination and improved care outcomes, particularly for patients with chronic or complex conditions (Morgan, Pullon, & McKinlay, in press), although these positive healthcare outcomes depend on effective interdisciplinary communication and collaboration practices and other patient and healthcare system variables (Courtenay, Nancarrow, & Dawson, 2013. Verhovsek, Byington, & Deshkulkarni, 2009). The essay analyses a healthcare scenario from Palumbo’s (2013) video clip. The video shows an inter-professional team that tackled Mr. Potter’s case. Mr. Potter (78 years old) was to be discharged to his wife and the team determined that he needed cardiac education, medication education, energy expenditure education, and discharge counseling, among others. The team was composed of eight healthcare professionals from different disciplines. The essay discusses the importance of good interpersonal communication to different stakeholders in healthcare settings and analyses and resolves issues in inter-professional communication and collaboration skills.Good interpersonal communication is essential to clients, families, and significant others because it can lead to the effective and efficient attainment of their personal and group needs (McCornack, 2013). Clients use good interpersonal communication skills to express their thoughts and feelings regarding their healthcare conditions and to assert their autonomy in making healthcare decisions (Stajduhar, Thorne, McGuinness, & Kim-Sing, 2010). They need these skills to effectively inform their families and healthcare personnel of their inputs about their healthcare services and health conditions (Stajduhar et al., 2010). Families also need to use interpersonal communication skills to help their ill family members understand and follow healthcare education guidelines and practices (Riley, Stewart, & Grace, 2007).&nbsp.

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