Intercultural Communications

Argumentative essay on Intercultural Communications. Needs to be 1 pages. However, I am of Asian origin, which is also my race. I am a student which is based on my vocation.Social Identity has a great impact on how I view other people and how they view me. These identities have impacted how I view the world in terms of associating myself with a group. For example, at school I can relate myself with other people as a group of students.This has given me a sense of belonging in this social group. These social identities have also had a positive impact on how other people view me. Even though I am of a different race, this has never been an issue in this country. Other people regard me and have accepted me as their fellow student. Knowledge on social identities has helped people appreciate the similarities and differences among people.Social identity has influenced the people’s view and how they interact with each other where they are able to identify with a particular group and feel closer to the group. The more uniform that individual are, the more likely that they are going to be regarded as members of that group. They will have the positive and negative attributes of the particular group.Social identity is crucial in making social interaction more understandable by categorizing people in various ways based on their similarities and differences (Deaux, 2001). It can be able of point similarities among people in a social

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