Get Answer to Intergenerational communication Research Paper. Students will write an essay on the topic of intergenerational communication from a hospitality standpoint, based on the principles contained in the book ReGenerations by J. Stolling. This report must be at least 2200 words in length and must contain 8 scholarly references.

Overall the essay is about comparing the different types of communication in the workforce, I would like the essay to compare baby boomers and Millennials and how they interact with each other.

In addition to the Rubric:

The first draft should have every element in APA style with a title page, abstract, body and reference page (-4 points per element missing)
Meet the word count 2500 words- does not include Abstract (points deducted for not hitting word count)
Have at least 8 references. (-5 points per reference missing)
Good Grammar and flow of paper
Must discuss at least 2 generations. If you only mention one generation (-10), no generations (-20)

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