Internal or external customers

300 words min- doesn’t have to be more then a page.Discussion Week 1In every organization, inputs of some kind (services, information, and/or products) are transformed into outputs (services, information, and/or products) that are of value to internal or external customers on a continuous basis.For example, consider an automobile assembly plant. The parts are the inputs. The welding, painting, and assembly are the transformation processes. The finished vehicles are the outputs that are of value to customers.Similarly, consider a business that prepares tax returns for individuals. The inputs are IRS forms, W2 statements, other tax-related documents, and information about the applicable tax laws. The compilation of this information into tax return forms is the transformation process. The completed tax return is the output that is of value to customers.For this discussion forum, address the following:1.    Identify a real-world organization with which you are personally familiar or that you have researched. Describe the organization, including its mission statement.2.    Describe operations management relative to this organization in terms of inputs, transformation processes, and outputs.3.    Given that productivity is a ratio of some measurement of output to some measurement of input, what are two different ways that productivity could be measured for your selected organization?4.    What is one way in which productivity could be improved for this organization?Incorporate scholarly references and citation support into your discussion. Be sure to respond to the postings of at least two of your peers.

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