International Security

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses International Security: Kuwait war 1990-1991.International security concerns have been considered in many occasions for when two or more countries threaten to go to war.The Kuwait invasion by Iraq was just one of the situation in which international security was threatened in 1991. In 1961, the then United States president J.F. Kennedy made a conclusion that the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) was attempting to subvert the whole of the Latin America. US were concerned that the USSR wanted to spread communism in the Latin America contrary to their position.1 The US never wanted countries to be coerced into accepting economic policies that they did not subscribe to as was the case with the USSR under the leadership of Nikita Khrushchev. The US alleged that USSR wanted to accomplish this mission using their proxy, Cuba under the leadership of the Fidel Castro.2It should be remembers that during these time, The US and the USSR were in the thick of cold war in which both sides were competing for political supremacy. Following the emergence of the US and USSR as the world super powers and that earlier, the American used atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was in the interest of the USSR to build atomic bombs in attempt to march counter the US.3 The American through their intelligence informed their president on the position of the USSR and Cuba and the US insisted in thwarting the efforts. In these efforts, the US decided to get rid of Fidel in Cuba, a situation that triggered international insecurity dubbed the Cuban Missile crisis of 1961-62 (The Pig of Bay). The crisis was considered a war of proxy, given the fact that both USSR and United States were confronting each other at the behest of what perceived to be their allies. The USSR or United States were reluctant to pursue physical invasion for fear of atomic bomb use. The situation was later resolved through mutual agreement between

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