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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic Paper for international study classes.Before the discovery of oil in the Middle East states, the region had exhibited a hotbed characteristic of religious feuds over the rich Middle East resources and land. The declining of Ottoman Empire, for instance, paved the way for the rise in control of Asian territories by the European imperialists and the colonial powers, which were interested in securing various territorial boundaries. This paper describes the world problems emerging as a result of Asian social, political and economic sabotages and the ways of dealing with these problems.Middle East problems, which are currently reflected in the world systems, as some of the setbacks in the socio-political and economic gains in the world, include terrorism, sectarian violence, political instability, refugee influx and resource conflict (oil). Globalization, per se, is the reason behind the spread of these resources in the world systems. thus the United States, as the super power, has been on the receiving end in the struggle to mitigate all of these Middle East problems. Globalization has been internalized in Arabic as “awlaama”. It refers to the widespread of ideas throughout the globe. Global ideas include attitudes, customs and institutions, which originated in one part of the world specifically in the Western states. In the Middle East, the decades of globalization have been marked with endless wars, renewed economic independency, and Intrusive U.S. hegemony and continuity terrorism. Globalization has been ushered in the Middle East by war, which has given the Western victors excessive power over the Middle East region and a creation of an underlying violent of anti-globalization struggle (Fawcett 112). Globalization has ideologically strengthened Islamic fundamentalism and youth radicalization through terrorism activities. Due to the ambiguity of globalization, it has additionally resulted into a

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