International trade affecting Dina’s life

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Assignment

Problem: Read the following scenario and consider how international trade has affected Dina’s life: Dina and her son are metalworkers who work for a company that makes unique, custom-ordered metalwork for their clients. Newly developed computer-assisted cutting tools have made it easier for workers in Asia to make the same products at a fraction of the cost. The new computer system makes production so much cheaper overseas that Dina is being forced into early retirement, even though she would still like to work. On the other hand, her son is planning to receive training on the new technology and hopes to move into management.

1) International trade has helped or hurt Dina? Explain

2)Changes in international trade can affect workers’ lives in many different ways. Which of the following best describes how international trade has changed Dina’s life? Circle your answer. a. A change in international trade has affected the value of the good or service that Dina produces. b. Technology associated with Dina’s job has changed and influenced international trade. c. The skill level of Dina’s job has made it especially responsive to international trade.

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