Internship Experience in Saint Petersburg

Write an article on Internship Experience in Saint Petersburg. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Nika, LLC has other engagements that include advertising services. The primary advertising media for Nika, LLC are radio, television, digital advertisements, and outdoor advertisements.Nika, LLC plays a significant role as far as the extension of the current market share of clients is concerned. If the customer has a magazine or newspaper that they would like to capture a larger market share, they will approach Nika, LLC for professional assistance. Nika, LLC would in turn formulate a workable marketing strategy, create distribution channels for its client, and carefully monitor the sales realized by its customers.The location of the central office of Nika, LLC is close to the business district of Saint Petersburg. Since the company engages intensively and extensively with its clients, it occupies two floors of office space in the building where it is situated. The implication is that the business has over 50 members of staff working within the building with the head management taking the second floor. Nika, LLC offices have the conventional office layout whereby the office space is divided into various compartments where members of different departments operate on a daily basis.Nika, LLC is not an exception to departmental partitioning albeit it is a Russian company. Its major departments include sales, administrative, accounting, operations, marketing, and advertising departments. The accounting department is tasked with the responsibility of bookkeeping whereby it tracks the company¬ís equity, expenses, and revenue for the fiscal year. In addition, the accounting department tracks employee salaries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. The marketing and advertising department develops packaging of products, pricing of products, and creative materials for informing potential customers of the company’s offerings. Besides, the department is responsible for conducting market research that informs its clients about&nbsp.sales analysis of its present clients and the demands of its future customers.&nbsp.

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