Introduction to Health Care Management

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Course Work, Health Care

Complete all ten of the following ten questions, each in an essay format (no bullets). The only reference to be used is the course textbook “Introduction to Health Care Management.” Course textbook references do not need to be sited. All answers must be in your own words. Cutting and pasting of textbook language is not allowed.
Make sure your name is on the exam and each answer identifies the number of the question it refers to.

  1. Chapter 8. Discuss the challenges to the adoption of clinical IT systems (pages 170- 174)
  2. Chapter 9. Describe both the characteristics of health insurance and the different types of private health insurance coverage plans (pages 194-199)
  3. Chapter 10. Define and describe financial management and why it’s important, the tax status of healthcare organizations, and financial governance and responsibility (pages 224-228)
  4. Chapter 10. Describe the process of managing reimbursement from third-party payers including the coding of healthcare claims (pages 228-235) and accounts receivable (pages 242-244)
  5. Chapter 11. Discuss the healthcare workforce, the training, certification and licensing of physicians and issues related to the employment of physicians (pages 255-268)
  6. Chapter 12. Describe the key functions of a healthcare organization’s human resources management department including workforce planning and recruitment (pages 293-301)
  7. Chapter 12. Discuss the various aspects of employee retention (pages 301-317)
  8. Chapter 13. Define “Team” and discuss the challenges and benefits of teamwork in healthcare organizations (pages 325-329)
  9. Chapter 14. Identify and discuss issues related to vulnerable populations (pages 351- 355)
  10. Chapter 17. Discuss issues related to vaccine preventable diseases and emerging/re- emerging disease outbreaks (pages 411-416) and emergency and disaster management (pages 438-444)

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