Introduction to Sociology

Goal – The purpose of this final assignment combine all you’ve learned throughout the course. It is a summative assessment in that regard. Any one you choose you’ll want to be sure you’re showing off your sociological imagination. Remember I want to see you critically engaged in the material; that is, show me you are thinking and you understand the material. So use your sociological imagination when you do this assignment. You are completing a sociology assignment. Keep this in mind as you attempt to use psychological or other explanations. Stick to the sociology!
You can watch me provide an overview below of all the assignment options. But as always, make sure you read the entire prompt because I don’t cover every word of it. Have fun!

In everything you do for this class, always remember to think sociologically. It is very easy to relapse into everyday, non-sociological thinking. But as we see consistently, that approach is incomplete and insufficient for really making sense of the social world in any meaningful way. Instead, everything needs to account for social forces.
Be sure you analyze using sociology concepts, theories and explanations accounting for sociocultural and historical forces. Connect your thoughts and writing to social forces, society and the time and place in which we live. It is helpful to consider how things would be different 70 years ago, 100 years ago or 200 years ago. Be sure to explain the how and why parts. This is the essence of the sociological imagination. Think of it like this, if you are answering these questions the same way you would have before enrolling in this course you’re not doing it properly. Pretty simple, right?


  • Length for all but the photo blog: minimum 1,500 words (6 pages), minimum. Always err on the side of being more thorough, not less.
  • double spaced
  • times new roman font, 12 point
  • 1″ margin on all sides
  • Include page numbers
  • Bold key concepts/terms used correctly (only upon initial usage is necessary)
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation and spell checking
  • If you use words other than your own, properly cite them in text and in the references page. Use any standard format you are familiar with. If you’re not particularly familiar with one, might I suggest using ASA format for this (
  • Do all parts of the assignment
  • Distinguish one section from another with subtitles (bolded or underlined) if it helps to clarify the structure/outline of your paper
  • Carefully proofread and edit your final papers

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