Investigative report

Research and write a three page (excluding the cover, abstract, and reference pages) investigative report on a business-related topic of your choice. You might choose to discuss a current business issue, or to critically analyze a product or a service. The materials must be supported by third party sources, such as magazine and journal articles. Make sure you use appropriate material from the internet, the library, or business trade periodicals like Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal or Forbes. Please note that Wikipedia is not an academic source. Please have at least two (2) sources other than your textbook and class materials. The research paper must be in American Psychological Association (APA) format, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Please also include a reference page at the end of the document. All sources used in the paper, whether they are direct quotes or paraphrases, must be cited with APA in-text citations. Example:Direct quote“In any collaborative effort, it’s important to recognize that team members coming from different backgrounds may have different work habits or concerns” (Thill & Bovee, 2008, p. 42).ParaphraseThill and Bovee (2007) point out that it is not unusual to have team members from different backgrounds who shows very different work habits from what others may be accustomed (p. 42).The general format of your report should contain the elements listed below:1. Identify the issue you’ve chosen and explain briefly why it is an issue or why you’ve chosen that topic. 2. Analyze the issue or topic 3. Provide your own ideas, supported by your resources, about what led up to the issue and how it should be resolved. 4. Explain what will ensure that this issue does not happen again.Student nameProfessor nameCourse nameDateEthical issues in credit cardThe affinity card offered by the universities is purely sweetheart deals in between thecredit card company and the…

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