IRAC analysis

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Instructions Please provide your written analysis for the questions 1-2 below. The required components for each question include: Issue for Questions 1-2 The Applicable Rules for Questions 1-2 The Application of the Rules for Questions 1-2 to the fact pattern in Questions 1-2. The Conclusion (the answer to the question asked in Questions 1-2) References APA Format This method is called the “IRAC” analysis. For this assignment, you will need to have 1 reference page.

Please note that for each question you will need to provide a separate “IRAC” Analysis.

Please provide a separate heading for each question (i.e., Question 1 IRAC).

Make sure that you include and label the Issue, Rule, Application of the Rule, and the Conclusion for each question.

Incomplete analysis of questions will result in a deduction of points.

Adam steals from Business Resources, Inc., ten computer hard drives, which Adam sells to Computer Products Corporation (CPC). Unaware that the drives are stolen, CPC reconditions them and sells them to Direct Marketers, Inc. With the reconditioned drives, CPC gives Direct Marketers a written statement that disclaims “any and all warranties.” Business Resources learns that Direct Marketers has the drives and de­mands their return. Direct Marketers gives the equipment to Business Resources and files a suit against CPC. Will Direct Marketers succeed in their suit? Why or why not? General Construction Company (GCC) tells Industrial Supplies, Inc., that it needs an adhesive to do a particular job. Industrial provides a five-gallon bucket of a certain brand. When it does not perform to GCC’s speci­fications, GCC sues Industrial, which claims, “We didn’t expressly promise anything.” What should GCC argue?

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