Islamic banking & finance

Designing an Islamic Financial Product: DIMINISHING MUSHARAKAH1. Course Objective: In this course, students are required to make a Product Manual. Students design this manual as a Product Development Manager of an Islamic Financial Institution. This report is a complete Manual of an Islamic Financial Product/Instrument, which explains that how an Islamic Financial Instrument could be used for Riba free financing.This manual is designed for any specific mode of finance, and covers in details the product overview, its comparison with conventional/Riba-based system, applications, operational flowchart, work instructions for operators, contract, case studies and marketing plan.In this manual, you must include the following sections:

Report Contents No of Pages(atleast)

1. Executive Summary 4

2. Overview of Diminishing Musharakah – 7 pages

3. How it is different with Conventional Financial System – 7 pages

4. How it is different from Murabaha, Mudarabah,Ijarah, Salam and Istisna – 20 pages

5.Applications – 5pages

6. Operational Flowchart – 1page

7. Work Instructions for Operators -20pages

8. Contract – 12pages

9. Explain your product with the help of two Case studies (including Accounting) for following a. Purchase of House b. Investment in Business -14pages

10. Marketing Plan – 10pages

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