Issue of securing backups

Research post topic and submit 260 word post on the given topic, indicate at least one source or reference in your original post. This assignment is to be scholarly; it is not enough for you to simply post your article and add cursory reviews. CITED REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED. Also create replies for given 2 posts, each reply should be seperate and should be 260 words. Include at least 260 words in your posting and at least 260 words in your reply.Post Topic:Search “” for a company or school that has reported issues, problems, concerns about their backup procedures. Discuss the issue of securing backups. There have been several incidents lately in which backup media containing personal customer information were lost or stolen. How should backup media be secured? What about off-site storage of backups? Reply to this Post(1):Data is the most crucial asset of your company, no matter if its large or small scale. Data needs to secure always because there are many ways which can corrupt the data or data loss can happen. Hence there is certain software which helps to secure and recover data before and after breaching activity. Data backups are important because when there is an emergency and data is not backed up, such software helps to get the copy of critical data back into the bucket.Few times, there were major incidents were witnessed where crucial data was lost due to human errors. A large amount of sensitive data was sacrificed under data breach. Hence backup applications should have more flexibility nature when it comes to data protection. Also, it should be easy to use in emergency time with minimum information. Data encryption is yet another important feature which media backup software should have which can support new methodologies and algorithms.There will be tons of issues which may occur while securing the data for backup.1.     Poor data quality id one of the common reasons among it.2.     Not-updated software, hardware issues can also stop the backup processes.3.     Lack of knowledge of software usage.4.     Also, some common mistakes like wrong file format, timeout sessions, not having all the necessary executable files, etc. can make the process worse.Off-site data backups are proven better sometimes as it uses materials like tapes or disks. Data will be first encrypted then compressed. Then it will be transferred to some secure hardware. This is a safe way to keep the data protected. It can be done at any type of operating system or technology.References:Muller, N. (2015). 10 Common Backup Issues and the Importance of Cloud Backup Services – CWPS. [online] Available at:, D. (2019). [online] Available at: to this Post(2):Backup protection indicates that data is protected from unauthorized access. Keeping sensitive data files safe for all companies that provide extra security for hidden business data is important. Data is the basis of each study, and if a company loses this data, renewal can be slow, expensive or often impossible for businesses. But the companies face problems with protecting data from random situations and almost all the digital companies in the world face problems that endure the security of their backup. Fortunately, there are many ways for organizations to ensure the safety of the backup media, and the stability of backup operations is an important way, and it should periodically check security holes and other loopholes in the systems. Password Protection Another important step: Maintaining a strong password controls unwanted situations and protects data from unauthorized people. Most companies agree to send backups from the office, but it is very challenging to secure off-site data storage. Backup operations management is special, especially if they are in space. Cloud backup storage is another important form of off-site backup storage. To avoid potential threats arising out of natural disasters, off-site warehousing is best for companies, and it protects businesses from serious losses as a result of natural disasters. Off-site backup storage also reduces the overall price of the entire business. Principles of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery: “Reliable approaches to organizations need to restore information and restore all operations.” You indicated in your initial report that the company’s information is backed up and one of the safest routes in the cloud. The book gives us a detailed description of the cloud meaning. It is commonly associated with leasing resources and that the cloud can be used publicly, publicly or privately. This is used to reduce the risk of corruption, which is a central location, you can access data and automate the backup process in the cloud so that all new information entered into the system will automatically generate backup. Therefore, any company can have a great advantage over using a backup system. It adds extra points to your discussion of how external backup storage can help in better explanation and disaster recovery. As the global network is pulled back, the external expansion is reflected in satellite data related to the topography separated from the site of the product environment. Impacts for external strength include disaster recovery, strengthening tasks, reserve funds. The major advantage of backing off-site is to remove loss. Since the purpose of the backup in the event of a catastrophe caused by fire, flood, theft or negligence has a data redundancy, this problem will most likely be resolved out of the site. Off-site reinforcement: Off-site reinforcement stocks are not used for online reinforcement. Back and forth warehouses between backstage areas and backup corruption will increase. A significant transfer rate is required, a copy of the information will occur, as well as WAN optimization. Consequently, it is best to strengthen the cloud in order to overcome the above-mentioned disadvantages. Security experts have been struggling for a long time to make sure you apply a standard system of profit system. The standard is that three copies of your information are in two different places, one of which is not in the office. As it may be, there are various problems about the way the Backup Association has provided. The main problem in data protection is data storage mode. If data is high in comparison to storage medium, it affects the disaster recovery plan. From now on, the company needs reasonably reliable data storage environment to provide a wider range of data. In addition, the protection of data backup will also increase the cost of data storage. Another problem that weakens data backup.References:Farooq, M. U., Waseem, M., Khairi, A., & Mazhar, S. (2015). A critical analysis on the security concerns of internet of things (IoT). International Journal of Computer Applications, 111(7).Kevin,B(2008,Feb 18) Ten ways you can make your data backups more secure [web blog post]. Retrived from

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