IT in Hotels and Resorts. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. To enable us to come to a conclusion whether IT is a blessing in disguise for hotels else if it is destroying the service within hotels, it is important that the benefits and drawbacks of IT in the hospitality sector are discussed. The next section focuses on the benefits and drawbacks of IT on the hospitality sector.

Technology is shaping our world. It has become a part of everyone’s lives and it rules almost every action of ours. The hospitality industry being such a massive industry also needs to be aware of the latest technological developments. Every year there is an event held called HITEC the worlds best and unbeatable hospitality technological event! This event is for all hoteliers to meet up with their fellow hoteliers and to attend sessions held by industry experts. These sessions that are held are to help attendees learn the basics and make them informed buyers. The main idea of the event is to give hoteliers an exposure to the latest technologies, products and services from over 300 companies. The event is generally held somewhere between mid to late June. This years even has brought about a very interesting innovation was addressed, the progressive hotels are now willing to engage online and trying their best to gain as many customers as possible and make their stay as comfortable as possible(Mce, 2008).

There have been several technological developments in the hospitality sector. Some of these developments go unnoticed by customers since they are mainly used for management purposes and operational purposes. However there are a lot of other developments which can be appreciated by the customers since it directly relates to customer experience. The developments have been many, from changing of a regular door key to a key card, to implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to ensure complete comfort for the customer (Schweisberger & Chatterjee, 2001).

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