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Question 1/week1: Consider IT standards (protocols, OSI model, etc.) and health data standards (i.e., ISO OSI, HL7 and TC215), and data being exchanged. Identify which category or categories of standards apply to the network and should be incorporated into it.

Identify three specific standards within that category that would apply to the design. Hint: Look at the questions marks in the diagram.

For one of the identified specific applicable standards, research a solution to incorporate it into the design, including the network hardware that would be needed.

Write a one-and-a-half page summary that includes the following: A summary of the applicable standard categories and the three specific standards you identified

A description of how the single, selected standard would be incorporated into the design

An explanation of the effect the incorporated standard will have on the network function A list of the networking hardware required to incorporate the standard

Question 2/week2: Part A Revise the Microsoft Visio diagram you completed in the Wk 1 Yates Community Network: Current State assignment to include applicable security standards and to address EHR certification requirements.

Include the following:Revisions that reflect instructor feedback from your Week One assignment

Annotations denoting where government security standards apply and how they will be incorporated

Annotations identifying where and how EHR interfaces are incorporated

Part B

Write a 1-page summary in Microsoft Word describing why Yates Community should pursue EHR certification and the high-level steps they will need to follow in order to obtain EHR certification for your specific design. Question 3/week3: Part 1 Review your recommended high-level network design from the Wk 2 – Yates Community Network: Recommended State assignment. Revise your design diagram to include: Any feedback provided by your instructor The communication points (nodes) between each HIT system component and the EHR system that will enable efficient and thorough communication between all systems and system users The location of where information exchanges standards will be incorporated The location of standards that will be used to maximize data usability

Part 2

Create a 4-page EHR Requirements Summary in a Microsoft Word document that explains your plan for incorporating an EHR system to meet Yates Community’s short- and long-term goals.

Include the following information: A summary of the communication requirements within your HIT and HIE design that supports maximized interoperable information exchange and data usability between the EHR and supporting HIT system components The stakeholders who must be consulted to confirm that their communication requirements are thoroughly identified and prioritized

The information exchange standards you are addressing in your design to maximize data usability (e.g., how your design would enable CDS, including the CDS interfacerequirements) The challenges you anticipate with incorporating the EHR certification requirements and information exchange standards; providing your ideas to overcome or mitigate these challenges Question 4/week4:Part 1Select an architectural model for the Yates Community HIT network that will support both the internal functioning of the network and the communication between your system and the RHIO.

Create the following two diagrams that will enable developers of different system components to build and test the design.

HIT System Overview

Revise the diagram you completed in the Week Three Individual Assignment, “Yates Community Network: Internal EHR Optimization” and include:

Revisions that reflect instructor feedbackDesign elements that reflect your selected architecture modelAnnotations denoting where communication will occur between the Yates Community network and the RHIOAnnotations showing where HIE and security standards are incorporated within the Yates Community network and at various points of communication to enable communication with the RHIO.EHR System DetailCreate an EHR system diagram in which developers can use to build and test this component. Include: Information exchange standardsIndustry and government security requirements

Intersystem communication requirements, including any instructor feedback you received on your “EHR Requirements and Action Summary” from your Week Three Individual Assignment titled, “Yates Community Network: Internal EHR Optimization” Part 2: Write a 3-page HIT network Model and Design Justification, in Microsoft Word, you could submit to your IT director. Include the following:

Reasons for your selected architecture modelReasons you did not select other common architecture modelsThe design elements you included to maximize inter-operable exchange of healthcare dataCompress the two diagram files and the Model Design and Justification document into a ZIP file. Submit the ZIP file to the assignment. Question 5/week5: Resource: Yates Community Hospital HIT and HIE Network Upgrade ProjectCompleted assignments from Weeks 2 through 4Wk 2 – Yates Community Network: Recommended Compliance Design and EHR Certification

Wk 3 – Yates Community Network: Internal EHR Optimization

Wk 4 – Yates Community Network: Network Architecture and External Communication

This week, you finish up your work on the Yates Community Hospital HIT and HIE Network Upgrade project. There are three parts to this assignment. Please read the full assignment before beginning.

Your initial plan was to finalize the network diagrams and write a project summary. This plan, however, was complicated by an email from your project manager: “Due to recent high-profile data breaches of national companies, our Risk Management Director wants to confirm that the new HIT and HIE systems will protect patient, employee, and organization data. You will need to create a Risk Management Summary to address her concerns. Second, you have been assigned the task of creating the troubleshooting process that will be used to identify, assess, and resolve issues related to information exchange errors and glitches. Please complete these two tasks in addition to the original plan of finalizing your network diagrams and writing the project summary.”Part 1Finalize the two diagrams you created for this project: The HIT Network Design and the EHR System Detail.First, consider the HIT System Overview design you created for the Week Four Individual Assignment, “Yates Community Network: Network Architecture and External Communication. “Identify any security, confidentiality, privacy risks, and determine appropriate additions or modifications to your HIT design. You will use this information to create the requested Risk Management Summary (see Part 2).

Second, finalize your diagrams: HIT Network Design diagram, including:

  • Elements reflecting your architectural design
  • The data communication path between internal HIT components The internal data communication points
  • The communication points between your internal network and the RHIO Annotations identifying: Where communication, regulatory, and security standards are incorporated
  • Newly installed hardware
  • Hardware, software configuration, administrative, and user practice security controls
  • EHR System Detail diagram, with annotated: Communication points between your internal network and the RHIO
  • Locations of where communication, regulatory, and security standards are incorporated Part 2 Address the two new requests from your project manager:

Risk Management Summary Troubleshooting Protocol

Write a 1- to 2-page Risk Management Summary that:

Describes the security, confidentiality, and privacy risks you identified and the hardware design elements you included in the design to address them, along with a short explanation of what data they protect and how Identifies the administrative, system configurations, and user best practice controls that will be implemented to assure data security and integrity Create a one-page Troubleshooting Protocol to address any reports of performance problems related to internal or external information exchange. Include the following:

  • Orient the IT support team to the types of errors or performance issues that could be related to the HIE system
  • Provide a high-level introduction to the HIE system and background information they will need while troubleshooting and supporting users
  • Create two Troubleshooting Flowcharts or decision trees that can lead an IT support professional through the process of:
  • Supporting a user with an active, internal data exchange issue Diagnosing and resolving a data exchange issue with the RHIO
  • You may create your flowcharts or decision trees in Microsoft Visio or other Microsoft Office software of your choice.

Note: Your Risk Management Summary and Troubleshooting Protocol will be incorporated into the Project Summary required in Part 3. These two documents will not be submitted separately. The two troubleshooting flowcharts or decision trees will be submitted.

Part 3

Create a 9-page Project Summary that describes how the upgrades of your design met the following project goals:

  • Enabling the hospital to communicate with the RHIO and NHIS
  • Supporting Yates Community’s goal of providing state-of-the-art care to its community by maximizing the quality and speed of communication within the Yates Community network components
  • Use your completed Yates Community assignments from Weeks Two through Four and the Risk Management Summary and Troubleshooting Protocol from Part 2 of this assignment to create your summary.

Include the following elements in your summary:

Introduction (one page)

Project Summary

Key Players (Stakeholders)The architecture model you selected for your network with supporting reasoning (one page)

Summary of the changes made between the original and revised HIT and HIE networks, including the identification of incorporated applicable standards that enabled maximized inter- and intra-network communication efficiency, data usability, and security (two pages)

The EHR certification process and how your designs will support the certification requirements (one page)

Communication requirements of your RHIO and how your design meets the requirements and enables efficient and secure information exchange (one page)

A Risk Management Summary that explains how the system and data security, confidentiality, and privacy will be maintained (up to two pages)

The troubleshooting process your IT support team will use to address internal and external user-reported data exchange performance problems (one page)

Compress the following into a ZIP file: Finalized HIT Network Design Diagram

Finalized EHR System Detail Diagram Two Troubleshooting Flowcharts or Decision Trees

Project Summary document

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