Respond to the following prompt by writing a comparative essay of at least 750 words:

Jane Eyre was the first published under the pseudonym of “current bell”. Ten years earlier, Charlotte Brontë sent a sample of her work to the poet Laureate of the time, Robert Southey. His reply gives us an insight into society’s opinion of women writers in 1837:

“ what a true cannot be the business of a woman’s life, and they are to not be. The more she is engage in her proper duties, the less leisure she will have for it, even as accomplishment and a reaction. To those duties you have not yet been called, and when you are you will be less eager for celebrity”

Explain how both the author and her character represent “the outsider” The free spirit struggles for wrecking mission and self respect in the face of rejection by a class Ridden and gender oriented society.

I need 3 examples from the novel to support the thesis

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