Jimmy Carter’s honesty

Did Jimmy Carter’s honesty make for effective leadership?  The Watergate scandal (1972-1974) saw more than 20 Nixon administration officials sent to prison on a variety of charges including perjury (i.e. lying under oath). During the presidential election campaign of 1976, candidate Jimmy Carter sought to capitalize on the public’s distrust of politicians by promising that “I will never lie to you.” As you will learn from our lecture this week, along with chapter 26 of our textbook, Carter faced a series of problems as president that led him to deliver a nationally televised speech in 1979 called the “Crisis of Confidence” speech (also sometimes called the ‘Malaise’ speech). I have posted both the video of this speech, and a written transcript. You should also read the secondary source article I have posted called “Examining Carter’s ‘Malaise Speech,’ 30 Years Later” to gain insight on the circumstances that led to the speech and the response that followed it.

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