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by | Mar 4, 2021 | College (3-4), Human Resource Management

To receive full credit, each answer should do the following:
Fully answer each part of the question – many questions have multiple parts

  1. What is a job analysis? Explain the purpose of a job analysis and discuss in detail how to conduct a job analysis. Identify and describe the two main results of a job analysis.
  2. Define reliability and validity. Identify the difference types of reliability and validity. How can each of these be measured? Why are reliability and validity important to the HR process?
  3. Describe an interview (type of questions, administration, and structure) that would be effective in screening the best candidate for a customer service position in a retail store. Explain your reasoning. Give specific questions that you would ask in the interview & identify what type of questions they are. 
  4. Identify and describe THREE of the types of tests that may be used during the selection process. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each test identified. Explain in which circumstances each of the selection tests identified would be used.
  5. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about numerous changes to the landscape of business in a short time. Using specific examples, discuss the impacts to human resource policies.

Use both direct quotes and paraphrasing of your research, then synthesize the information to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the material (see the sample answer posted after Exam 1). You should be looking up information for each answer, so each answer should have citations.

When researching your answers, start with the textbook or class notes THEN move to external internet sources. Make sure you are using the HR definitions of terms, not the dictionary definitions – for example, the Webster’s dictionary definition of validity is not correct in the HR context.

Properly use in-text citations (please review APA style citations in the video posted prior to exam 1 or on the UWG Writing Center’s page.

For Question #5 – make sure you provide examples specific to HR & cite your sources (at least ONE news article or internet source). For example, you might talk about the transition to teleworking, changes to recruitment & interviewing, additional safety protocols, and other changes that have been made.

Submissions must contain both in-text citations and a reference page to be accepted. Submissions without BOTH in-text citations & a reference page will receive a 0.

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