Job design process

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Writing Assignment This assignment fulfills/supports

Module Outcome 1: You will have implemented the steps in the job design process. Course Outcome 3: You will have described effective methods of selecting, orientating and supervising personnel. General Education Competency: You will have communicated effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.

The assignment is as follows:Write a job description, job specification, and job classification for an Assistant Director position.To Submit click on the assignment and attach the assignment in “Browse My Computer” link.

Grading Criteria

Refer to page 130 in your book.

The Function, Timing, and Purpose is included for the job description, job specification, and job classification. -10 points each

Correct spelling and grammar are used. -10 points

Review the Article Summary Guidelines, Statement on Plagiarism, and Citation Guidelines under the “Course Documents” tab on the left before submitting your assignment.¬†This assignment is worth 100 points. Resources

See Resource Tab on left for additional resources.

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