Job performance

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Job Performance and Its Impact on Job Satisfaction. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Some of the factors they have found include employee pay, promotion, supervision, fringe benefits, contingent rewards (performance-based rewards), operating procedures (required rules and procedures), co-workers, nature of work and communication.Job satisfaction is important to both employees and employers because they both benefit from a perfect fit. In other words, when an employee is happy in their job, they seem to perform better. As they perform better, the employer makes a profit. Organizations often struggle to keep employees satisfied to maintain their top talent and grow their company. Companies find that the behaviour within the culture of an organization must match those behaviours that the employee finds important to feel satisfied. Lastly, it could imply that if the organizational culture behaviours do not match employee’s expectations, employees may move to a different company that has a better overall fit. Loughborough (1995), wrote, “The concept of job satisfaction derives from our reflection about different ways that people experience their job. It is clear that some people enjoy their work, while others dislike their jobs intensely (p.37).”In final consideration, this is why applied research provides a thorough, complete, and tailored system for acquiring information. understandable an organization that desires to be productive, efficient, and informed they need to have the tools and resources to facilitate their goals. The argument of this thesis and the position of the researcher is that in order to extensively examine and add to the research of job performance and its perceived impact on job satisfaction that an empirical examination deserves immediate consideration.The significance of this research is to understand the importance of the correlation between job performance and its perceived impact on job satisfaction. Moreover, there are many models on job performance and much of the literature deals with the employee’s view of what job performance is, and why they are satisfied.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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