Job related concerns

Write 4 page essay on the topic Job related concerns.The top three causes of stress as indicated by police officers includes the murdering or injuring of people who are innocent, the injury or death of a fellow member of the police force and the third rank has been allotted to the death of a fellow police officer at the hands of citizens.Police officers experiences five stages while coping with different stressful incidents. In the first stage they deny or are not ready to accept that the incident has occurred, in the second stage the police officers end up experiencing anger as a result of their acceptance that the stressful incidence has really occurred and in the third stage they start bargaining and they end up giving up certain elements of job and may take up certain elements of job. Furthermore, they may even experience the mental state of being depressed and they may fail to sleep or eat properly. In the last stage, the police officer accepts the occurrence of the event with full acknowledgement and is ready to face the stressful event in order to counter it.The term deviant behavior is used to refer to those behaviors that are considered as anti-social in nature. In the case of police work, those police activities are considered as deviant that are against the rules, regulations as well as norms that have been created by the higher authorities and these norms are concerned with the micro as well as the macro level of policing.There are various behaviors that can be referred to as deviant in the context of police work. These behaviors include the act of corrupt practices, workplace deviance, crimes committed by police officers and inappropriate use of authority that is vested within the position of police officers. Researchers have even identified other forms of deviant behaviors such as taking bribes, stealing property and valuables from the crime scene, covering up for activities that are illegal in nature and sexual

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