Job Stress

Submit a 4500 words essay on the topic Job Stress.The research recommends that the management of DSI clinic restructures operations and job distribution. It recommends that managers should be trained so that they get to understand how job stress impacts on employees at various times. It also recommends that a the DSI clinic establishes a guidance and counseling unit that will help employees going through stressful times.DSI is a conglomeration of clinics that provide dialysis around the United States for people suffering from chronic kidney failure. DSI provides quality care for patients in areas like nephrology and other specialized aspects of dialysis. It is made up of highly qualified nephrologists, nurses, doctors, administrators and support staff members who work hard to maintain the image of DSI as a leading dialysis center in the United States.However, due to the current financial crises, the management of the clinic have had the unpleasant duty of laying off a number of workers. This has led to many workers doing extra hours and others expanding the scope of their work. This has led to a strain on the staff of the company. There have been numerous cases of mistakes, low productivity and a high turnover because of the new arrangements. This has clearly created a situation of low morale amongst staff and workers of DSI.There is clear evidence that the low morale is caused by stress and the increased workload of the company staff. This has led to poor performance. The group that is mostly affected by this spate of stress is the female employees who constitute 88% of the total employees in the clinic.The purpose of this research is to use scientific tools to empirically study the relationship between job stress and low morale and low productivity at DSI Clinic. It will identify the possible solutions to the problem and recommend actions that must be taken to reduce the effects of low morale at DSI clinic.There have been a lot of complaints against the way and manner in which the clinic operates.

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