While companies publicly post elaborate codes of ethics, we all have our own codes of ethics, which likely are unwritten. These are our ideas of what is right and wrong. We adapt those ethics to the various roles we serve, both personal and professional. Think about a capacity in which you serve. It can be that of an employee, student, friend, spouse, sibling, or whatever. What is your own code of ethics in this capacity? What are your expectations of yourself? What are your expectations of the other person/people with which you interact in this role? Are there any behaviors that you absolutely will not tolerate?

The purpose of journals is to link what we’ve studied to our own lives. Therefore, you can set them up however you like. However, they must meet the following criteria to receive full credit.

Journal entries should be approximately 250 to 500 words in length.
Journal entries must be well-thought.
Journal entries should be proofread for basic grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

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