Key elements of animal protection

Key Elements of the Animal Protection Program. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Animal ethics is a subject that is now increasingly becoming a center of attention for many philosophers and writers. Many people have written significantly on ethical issues regarding animals. Some of the ethical ideas of different writers will be discussed below.Barbara Smuts is a researcher and anthropologist famous for her work with animals especially baboons and chimps. She has written significantly on animal ethics and her experiences with animals. Smuts argues that animals have a self of their own and therefore they should be treated as conscious beings. She, from experiences, argues that human beings can relate to animals in a way that animals also have a conscious mind and have a ‘self’ very much like human beings. She argues that animals should be treated as equal to human beings because they also have a presence very similar to human beings. Smut argues that animals are social beings and through constant attachment and interaction a level of understanding can be achieved with them. This is why animals have a ‘self’ which is similar to human beings, and therefore they should be treated equally to humans. Rollin argues that it is important to clarify misconceptions regarding animal ethics as many misunderstand the notion of ethics completely. Animals are also living beings and, therefore, cannot be subjected to torture or cruelty. Rollin is particularly concerned with the general perception of the public regarding subjecting animals to pain for the benefit of overall humanity. He argues that with the advancement in technology human beings have started to disregard animal ethics and have made life difficult for animals According to him much of the suffering from which animals go through is unintentional today and this is what we as a society have to counter.

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