Key responsibilities of a manager

One of the key responsibilities of a manager is to make day-to-day decisions to respond to emergencies and situations that are not expected or planned for in the strategic plan.  Managers may wish to make decisions on their own as individuals, or they may make decisions based on group input.After reading Chapter 3 in your textbook as well as the supplemental reading, Are Your Critical-Decision-Making Skills Evolving?, and completing your own research, write a post that answers the following:1. When should we use groups in decision-making?2. How effective are groups in the decision-making process?3. Who should be involved in the group decision-making process?4. Should a manager make all decisions as an individual? Why or why not?———————————————————————————————————-#11. When should we use groups in decision-making?  When a decision on an issue that impacts a group as a whole, that group, or a select portion of the group, should be included in the discussion that eventually leads to a decision. 2. How effective are groups in the decision-making process?  Having a group involved in the decision-making process can be very beneficial as multiple points of view are presented and ideas expressed that may contain a new way of looking at an issue. Also, the experience level will vary within a group that may bring insight from an actual related event or bring new thinking that has never been applied to the decision under consideration. There may also be resistance within a group if the entire group will be effected in the same way such as increased work-hours or a reduction in benefits.3. Who should be involved in the group decision-making process?  This can be very dependent on what the group is discussing and what goals are going to be set. It is not a perfect idea to discuss terminations with the individuals to be terminated in the group discussion. Nor would it be appropriate to have union representation when discussing the station/government’s positions when preparing negotiation points. Group members should represent all levels of the organization as well as subject experts. The group should be comprised of individuals who hold some level of experience on the subjects to be discussed as well as an openness to the discussion.4. Should a manager make all decisions as an individual? Why or why not?  

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