Korean Art

Write a 6 page essay on About Korean Art (.The post war Korean has been presented by the tansaekhwa artists in a beautiful manner. The past legacies before and after the war have been presented to portray the differences between the two times. The empire legacies, colonisation and nationalism have been presented and explained. According to Kim (2005, p.4), “it was not surprising that the Korean contemporary art only became conscious of its identity after the war.” Many artists have contributed to the evolution of culture in Korea. This evolution has been demonstrated through works of art such as drawings, paintings in abstract colours. Generally, this has been particularly achieved by the cotemporary Korean artists through the use of different pictures and portraits have been used to bring life back to the ancient dynasties and kingdoms as well as empiresThe contemporary Korean art styles particularly emerged in 1945 following the end of the Japanese occupation. However, the history of Korean art dates back to 3000 BCE when the first known Korean art consisting of votive sculptures and other stone age works were made. These early forms of art were then followed by various art styles from different Korean dynasties and kingdoms. During the Goryeo dynasty of 918-1392, many Korean artists began to base their artistry on modified Chinese traditions but with native preferences.The introduction of western art styles to Korea came through China in the 18th century and was subsequently followed by the Japanese occupation at the beginning of 1880s. Between the nineteenth and the twentieth century, Korean culture has undergone a vital transformation in the social, cultural and the political scene. In the 1960s, a famous 20th century Korean artistic movement known as Tansaekhwa (monochromatic painting) increasingly gained popularity among many artists in Korea before it eventually became the international representation of the

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